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My name is Candybear and I like to travel around the world to stay at various places and meet all kind of humans, animals and other species. My mum @zoolully and dad @nomoremarco thought of this worldtour to let me bring love and joy at any place to everyone!

You can find photos of these incredible experiences on Instagram. Simply search for me on IG using the hashtag #candybearontour

I would love to stay at your place too! How? Ask my humans!

Touristic Tips!

Traveling around the world I visit so many places that I would like to share with you, I even give them my special Candybear-rating! Check out the accounts on the right for the city of your dreams and find my recommended places.

Note this ....

Someone may be wondering how it's possibile for me to be in different places at the same time. Well, this is my trick, the fact is that I'm a teddybear with a suitcase traveling all alone around the world and for only a few of us in this universum (me and of course Santa Claus) it is possible to appear at various places at the same time!




Candybear on Tour

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My humans are ....

@zoolully - IT, Turin
@nomoremarco - IT, Turin

These accounts were so nice to let me spend some time with them on my worldtour ....

@dutchdapplez - NL, Gouda
@haarvanboven - NL, Rotterdam
@Three_dog_night - USA, St.Louis
@Strongbeads - GR, Lesvos
@elmundodekiko - SP, Alicante
@dachstardogs - USA, Aurora
@gesi_ko - DE, Frankfurt
@cserant - IT, Pordenone
@oscarenbabette - NL, Brakel
@soloberg - NO, Bergen
@nicolettebrink - NL, Nieuwer..
@aroundwithdanda - IT, Rome
@abh69 - NO, Hønefoss
@aase2407 - NO, Oslo
@nicothedoxie - USA, Miami
@lazzaristore - IT, Fashion
@Natachaplano - FR, Paris
@jolibijouli - SRB, Sabac
@isi_schatz - IT, Corvara
@paulajunni - FIN, Venesjärvi
@tato2081 - IT, Latina



Ask my humans

For my worldtour I'm always looking for humans and animals to meet and places to stay!
Are you so kind to let me pay you a visit? Please ask my humans for more information about my traveling schedule, touring tickets, pictures to be taken and placements on Instagram.

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